• Fellowship in recovery
    • Reconciliation to God and his family
      • Education about chemicals and addiction
        • Edification through faith in Christ
          • Dedicated service to others

Overcomers Outreach is an international network of Christ-centered 12 Step support groups which ministers to individuals, their families and loved ones who suffer from the consequences of any addictive behavior. We exist to serve as a bridge between traditional Twelve step recovery groups and churches of all denominations. We recover together as we meet to study and grow in God’s Word. Our ministry is all welcoming, regardless of age, race, lifestyle, background, or belief.

Visit our website, overcomersoutreach.org for information on meetings and much more.


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Steven B said:

    Keeping my relationship and commitment with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is an important part of my recovery from my addictions. Thank you Jesus for saving me from me.

  2. Liz Steilkir said:

    Thank goodness. I have
    E ordered all the materials and am waiting to receive them! Many times I have seen people leave recovery because they fail to enlarge their spiritual experience. Grateful doesn’t cover it. We will attend our first meeting Tuesday night in Deridder LA! Bless yall!
    Liz Steilkie

  3. Darlene said:

    Any more groups in Kentucky. I am hours away from the only two listed.

  4. Hi, I see there are groups or meetings in my area of Fremont, CA when I do A GOOGLE Maps search. However I can’t find any info on days or times. The “meetings” list doesn’t show anything in Fremont or close by. How can I get info on local meetings? Thx.

  5. Glenda Dhanjal said:

    Hello, I live in the North. Hollywood area and am searching for OCTOBER meetings near me, any other than Burbank?

  6. Michael Swift said:

    Starting a group need material could you help pleaze

  7. The email bounced – here it is:
    Hi Joyce
    I saw your question on the study site. I have a group meeting in my house –
    in fact they just left.

    I suggest some “FREED” meeting guide booklets and a few Bibles. Someone make
    coffee and someone else bring cookies and you are ready! We have an “Online
    Shop” and ask suggested donations for materials, but let me know what you need and we will get you started.

    A lot of info and guidance is available on our “Group Network” site as
    well. Go to http://www.overcomersoutreach.org for these resources

  8. Joyce Cross said:

    I would like to start one of these 12-step groups in my home. I am a born again Christian I have had Bible studies in the past related to recovery my goal is to not only bring others into salvation through Christ Jesus but to help them through the process the 12 steps of recovery which will also help them build their relationship in Jesus Christ. Can you help me start this in my home. Thank you and God bless

  9. Easter Weak
    Can you imagine being with Jesus that last week? We assume the disciples were all so strong in their faith and belief in Jesus. They entered the city to shouts and cheers, lifted up and hailed as the answer to all problems. “We’re with Him!” we exclaim, and our hearts overflow with joy, and hope, and love.

    But then, in just a short time, He curses a fig tree, His authority is questioned, and He clears the temple courtyard. Some are turning away as He teaches and speaks in parables, offending most of the leadership, and really not behaving as expected at all. He even washed dirty feet!

    Then passover, and some really hard teachings, of times to come, hardships and persecution, denial and betrayal, end times, and His leaving. After all this, going to the mount to pray late at night, but we fall asleep while He prays. Then the soldiers come to take Him away, and we all scatter, saying “We’re not with Him!”. How can this happen to the Messiah?

    Nighttime court , meeting with Pilate, then to Herod, and back to Pilate, who “found no basis” yet agreed to crucify Him, then hung on a tree to die a shameful death. “It is finished” He says, and breathes His last. The sky darkens, the earth shakes, but Jesus is dead and the body is put in a borrowed tomb, and everyone leaves. Nothing changed, women weeping, men disheartened, faith questioned, darkness, everything is the same, as hope fades. How could we be so wrong? We were sure this man would save us, and lead us to a new life in His new Kingdom. But there were miracles! The lame walked, the blind saw, the dead rose. Could it be that He was but a good teacher? Did God abandon Him? Has He abandoned us? Did we fail Him? What is to become of us?

    The activities of the entire week were the preparations of men to celebrate an act of God, and with so much attention to detail, tradition, and ceremony, it is easy to lose sight of purpose. The crowds looked to the man Jesus, to do what a man – empowered by God, of course – could do. And the man shared the same destination as all creatures did. He died. He was without sin, yet He died. And all hope of things being what we planned died with Him. And everyone rested, on the Sabbath – the last day of the week.

    I have known that doubt and despair, more than once. My plans, perceptions, and manipulations often fail, and although my intentions are good, and my prayers fervent, I exhaust all my power to make something happen, just the way it “should”, based on the works of man, only to find, in the end, results that are shallow, insufficient, unfulfilling – weak.

    The new week begins. Jesus starts the preparations with an act of God. The tomb is empty – “He is risen!” God did what no man could do. He bore the wrath for our sin and conquered death. Now every week, every day, every moment can be joy in His presence. “I make all things new” He proclaims, and we are blessed with new hope, new faith, and new love. As our plans take us back to the “tree of knowledge” and we find ourselves lost again, He offers new forgiveness, new mercies, new life in Him, as only God can do. May we share His love with one another always, and may He always be our new destination. To him be all glory, honor, and praise, now and forever. He is risen, indeed!

  10. Shawn Nasser said:

    I am looking for information about how to start something like this at my church. So if could reply with some information

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